Carr Creek Kentucky - 1920


Carr Creek Kentucky - 1920

Carr Creek, KY - 1920
Carr Creek High School was one of the most legendary
programs in the history of high school basketball. The team
came from a small mountain hamlet, and the school had only
40 students and of the eight-man team, five were related.
Among the many cherished myths surrounded the team were
that they played bear foot on a pounded-dirt outdoor court.
The reality is that they played occasionally outdoors in good
weather, but indoors on a small 50X30 auditorium court.
But other stereotypes of the impoverished hamlet team fit
the Carr Creek boys, such as they wore T-shirts and cut-off
overall, that is, until fans at the Richmond district
tournament took pity on the team, collected a bundle of
money, so that the team could be outfitted in a spanking new
blue and white jerseys. They also sang hillbilly songs to
entertain the fans, befitting a team from eastern Kentucky
high in the Applachians. -


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