Chicago Baby Ruths - Womens - 1932


Chicago Baby Ruths - Womens - 1932

Baby Ruth Girls - 1932
The Baby Ruth Girls, a women's amateur basketball team that played in Chicago and barnstormed nationally during the 1930s. They played most of the top women's teams in Chicago, notably the Oberlin Girls, Six Point Co-Eds, and the Spencer Coals, toured across the country, and competed in the national AAU tournament. The team was sponsored by the Chicago based Curtiss Candy Company, manufacturers of the Baby Ruth candy bar.
By the 1934-35 season the Baby Ruths were playing a 50-game schedule covering 27 states and Canada. A newspaper in November 1934 game the geographic range of their impending barnstorming during the season -- "they travel north to Edmonton, Alberta -- south to Shreveport, LA -- east to Hartford, CT, and west to Pocatillo, ID." The schedule opened with a tour of the Midwest, beating such teams as the Farrow-Chix Girl of Peoria and the Ferman Fashion Girls of Elkhart, IN. 
They will be remembered as one of the most outstanding women's teams in the nation during the Great Depression.


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